Friday, July 5, 2013

Bruges Antique Market

My wife and I recently took a short vacation to Belgium.  Our 5th wedding anniversary is in the beginning of August and we had some leftover airline miles and credit card points.  We flew out of Dulles on Sunday night, had a short connection in Frankfurt, and landed in Brussels.  We stayed in Brussels for a few days, Poperinges for a few days, and Bruges for a few days. (I'll post more of those pics later).  On the last full day we were in Bruges, they held their tri-annual antiques market. This thing was HUGE!  Unfortunately, we weren't really there to shop as we weren't prepared to bring much back.  I was able to pick up some awesome vintage grain sacks, enamelware, license plates, and a very cool antique camera tripod.  If I had a container, and could negotiate pricing, I would have bought everything shown below!

This guy had some awesome seltzer bottles and terra cotta confit pots.

I really LOVED this cast iron enameled parlor stove.  Look at that awesome blue!

There was a good deal of religious pieces, here's a cast iron garden statue.

This vendor brought some pieces back from the states.  He had piles of 7up crates and tin stars from Lancaster.

These awesome leather and brass stools would've come home with me  if I had the space!

Lots of sweet vintage signage!

I would want these for my dining room!  They even came with the colored gels.

I've got a thing for wooden shoe forms.  

PILES and PILES of vintage bottles and crates.

More awesome religious paraphernalia 

Awesome advertising and medicinal pieces.

I've never seen so much religious pieces.  Loved the look!

This was an awesome French wrought iron wash stand.

Leather luggage like there was no tomorrow!

Everywhere I turned there were these awesome cloches with bases.  Many were for religious items, others were for family heirlooms or wedding mementos.  Here, they were full of bobbins from a lace factory.

Great book bindery presses.

I'm a sucker for industrial bins!

I should have bought this.  Hand painted Netherlands school map.

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  1. Oh my goodness I'm in love. I especially want the dutch map since I was born there. Hijack a plane! JUST KIDDING but oh so tempting!