Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wow, it's been a while!!

The hardest thing about blogging is making it a part of your routine.  You start strong, keep up with it, then it slowly fades and something else pops up.  It's been a tough few months around here and I haven't been making this blog my priority.  It happens.  I'm sure there are tens of thousands of ghost blogs out there.  Just sitting, stagnant. Waiting for a simple update.

This weekend is the November Sweet Clover Barn Sale!  I've stocked my space with some awesome items for you or pieces that would make unique gifts for your friends and loved ones!

I love vintage silver plate flatware!  It makes every meal feel a little more fancy! It also makes a great inexpensive gift.  I filled an awesome antique embroidery floss cabinet with assorted mix and match flatware!  

This cabinet is a rare and unique piece!  In fact, I've decided to keep it myself!!

I've packed my space with some of the best pieces I've ever had!!  I adore this a
Antique Quartersawn Oak Card File!  It would make an awesome server in your dining room!

I also love the look of vintage and antique cameras and daguerreotype photos!

Stop by this weekend!! 10-5 all weekend!

4051 Stanford Ct Frederick MD

Friday, August 16, 2013

August Sweet Clover Barn Sale

This weekend is the monthly Sweet Clover Barn Sale.  Using the vintage apple crates I picked up, I made a HUGE display wall complete with LED lights!  Perfect for displaying collections or signature pieces! 

Recently picked up this awesome general store scale!  Great chippy patina!

Here are the vintage frames, oars, and mirrors I painted, they turned out great!

I love wind up alarm clocks!

Some of the bottles I silvered.

Close up of the vintage plaster frame mirror.

I also had this really awesome painted stained glass piece. Looks great backlit doesn't it!

Be sure to come out this weekend 10-5 Fri-Sun 4051Stanford Ct, Frederick MD

Monday, August 12, 2013

Apple Crates and The Sweet Clover Barn

I'm getting geared up for the August Sweet Clover Barn Sale!  This past month I piled up about 350 vintage apple crates from an Orchard in PA that sadly closed.  After scouring Pinterest, and finding some really great pins, I decided to renovate my space @ The Barn!

Using the 1/2 bushel crates, I stacked them and screwed them all together.  I also picked up a few cool factory dunnage racks with some awesome iron hardware!  I used the rack as a base for my display and continued stacking.  

After I had everything screwed together I attached a few LED lights I picked up from Ikea.  I'm going to add someone before the sale, but was excited to share the look with everyone!  I filled it with some of the vintage goodies from my space, and I must say, it turned out enter than I thought!

The lovely ladies of Sweet Clover also used my apple crates to build some shelving and a cute little window seat in the Inspiration Cottage!  (I bought that awesome little green clock in the wall, going in my kitchen!!). These crates are so versatile!  You can make ottomans, coffee tables, table bases, island bases, book shelves, display stands (Fall is almost here and you can use them with your pumpkins!), you're only limited by your imagination! 

Swing by The Sweet Clover Barn!  We're open this weekend Fri-Sun 10am-5pm.  The apple crates will run between $12 and $15 depending on size and condition, with a discount for anyone who buys 6 or more!

4051 Stanford Ct Frederick MD

Monday, August 5, 2013

Old School Amusement Parks

I've always been a fan of the kids rides in the old amusement parks in Ocean City MD and Rehoboth Beach.  The bright colors, bright lights and early to mid 1900's styling are classic American boardwalk!  It just so happens we have a 4 year old that LOVES the old rides, the slower the better!  Unfortunately they removed the old wooden carousel horses years ago and replaced them with the more durable fiberglass models.  The other rides still retain the age and patina of thousands of kids enjoying them.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bruges Antique Market

My wife and I recently took a short vacation to Belgium.  Our 5th wedding anniversary is in the beginning of August and we had some leftover airline miles and credit card points.  We flew out of Dulles on Sunday night, had a short connection in Frankfurt, and landed in Brussels.  We stayed in Brussels for a few days, Poperinges for a few days, and Bruges for a few days. (I'll post more of those pics later).  On the last full day we were in Bruges, they held their tri-annual antiques market. This thing was HUGE!  Unfortunately, we weren't really there to shop as we weren't prepared to bring much back.  I was able to pick up some awesome vintage grain sacks, enamelware, license plates, and a very cool antique camera tripod.  If I had a container, and could negotiate pricing, I would have bought everything shown below!

This guy had some awesome seltzer bottles and terra cotta confit pots.

I really LOVED this cast iron enameled parlor stove.  Look at that awesome blue!

There was a good deal of religious pieces, here's a cast iron garden statue.

This vendor brought some pieces back from the states.  He had piles of 7up crates and tin stars from Lancaster.

These awesome leather and brass stools would've come home with me  if I had the space!

Lots of sweet vintage signage!

I would want these for my dining room!  They even came with the colored gels.

I've got a thing for wooden shoe forms.  

PILES and PILES of vintage bottles and crates.

More awesome religious paraphernalia 

Awesome advertising and medicinal pieces.

I've never seen so much religious pieces.  Loved the look!

This was an awesome French wrought iron wash stand.

Leather luggage like there was no tomorrow!

Everywhere I turned there were these awesome cloches with bases.  Many were for religious items, others were for family heirlooms or wedding mementos.  Here, they were full of bobbins from a lace factory.

Great book bindery presses.

I'm a sucker for industrial bins!

I should have bought this.  Hand painted Netherlands school map.

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