Monday, August 12, 2013

Apple Crates and The Sweet Clover Barn

I'm getting geared up for the August Sweet Clover Barn Sale!  This past month I piled up about 350 vintage apple crates from an Orchard in PA that sadly closed.  After scouring Pinterest, and finding some really great pins, I decided to renovate my space @ The Barn!

Using the 1/2 bushel crates, I stacked them and screwed them all together.  I also picked up a few cool factory dunnage racks with some awesome iron hardware!  I used the rack as a base for my display and continued stacking.  

After I had everything screwed together I attached a few LED lights I picked up from Ikea.  I'm going to add someone before the sale, but was excited to share the look with everyone!  I filled it with some of the vintage goodies from my space, and I must say, it turned out enter than I thought!

The lovely ladies of Sweet Clover also used my apple crates to build some shelving and a cute little window seat in the Inspiration Cottage!  (I bought that awesome little green clock in the wall, going in my kitchen!!). These crates are so versatile!  You can make ottomans, coffee tables, table bases, island bases, book shelves, display stands (Fall is almost here and you can use them with your pumpkins!), you're only limited by your imagination! 

Swing by The Sweet Clover Barn!  We're open this weekend Fri-Sun 10am-5pm.  The apple crates will run between $12 and $15 depending on size and condition, with a discount for anyone who buys 6 or more!

4051 Stanford Ct Frederick MD


  1. Looks awesome, Terry! I have a blog post going up tomorrow with the pics from the cottage! :) I will be back Thurs to take more! Looking forward to a great weekend!

  2. I ran out of time yesterday! I'll be back up there on Wednesday with the rest of the crates and the rest of my stock for the weekend. I was going to go today but the Baltimore City Health Department had a different plan for me!