Friday, April 19, 2013

Finding Treasure in Unexpected Places

I'm trying out the Blogger iPhone app, so if this looks a little weird, thats why!

Today was a surprise day off. My mom usually watches our daughter during the week while my wife and I work. She had a Doc appointment she had forgotten about so I took the day off my full time gig to hang out with my little cutie! I decided to venture out and take her with me to an auction. Usually the auctions I attend are estate sales and antiques/housewares related. Today we attended a vehicle and equipment auction. I've been thinking about picking up a cargo van to use instead of my personal vehicle. I put a ton of mileage on it between my full time gig and buying and selling junk. Plus, moving furniture and goods in my Jeep has already resulted in some scratches and dings. I'd like this Jeep to last.

I've never been to a vehicle auction, and this one in PA had dozens of trucks, vans, big rigs, and construction gear. I didn't anticipate on finding some real treasures mixed in, but sometimes you have to think outside the box! I found some AWESOME aqua stools. They were sold by the pallet, and I bought the entire lot. I also picked up some factory parts baskets, used in an industrial parts washer, but would look great filled with pretty much anything. I also picked a great 60 drawer bolt cabinet!

I took the little princes with me, and she was pretty awesome! With waking up almost 2 hours early, driving an hour and a half, and walking around a loud auction yard, she was amazing! There were a couple other kids there, so she got in a little play. I also let her climb on and into all the equipment! Front end loaders, backhoes, big rigs... Pretty much anything that she wanted. Turned out to be a great place to take a 3 year old!

Like I said, I found some junk treasure, and a playground all in one!


  1. terri and i decided we would put a tracker on you so we can find out where you find things!

  2. Hi - I found you through Cassie's blog. Love those bar stools. I need 4...can you ship them to me? Love them...