Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Day in London

Today was our last full day in London. It was also the first day the sun peeked through the clouds and the wind wasn't viciously tearing through our coats!  I'd say it was around 50ยบ, which is downright balmy!

This morning we were woken by the sounds of drums and bass, and loud cheering.  Looking out of our window, we saw THOUSANDS of people.  This is an odd sight as we are staying in the Docklands, which is an "in transition" area of London.  Up until about 15 years ago, this was the main shipping area to get goods into the city.  With the change to container based shipping, the shallow waters couldn't handle the larger ships needed.  The area was mostly empty warehouses for years.  They have recently begin developing it as rents in central London are around £5000 a month!

But enough of crazy London rents and real estate.  It turns out, they were holding the open auditions for the UK X Factor, outside of our hotel!  When we ventured out later in the morning, we sat near an older man who auditioned, and made it through the initial round.  He was calling his family members telling them he made it through and to cross their fingers for him!  I'd put him in his 60's, and I heard him sing a little verse on the train

We decided to make one more venture out to the Spitalfields Vintage Market.  We were going to go to Portobello Rd, but it's a bit touristy these days with high prices.  I'm glad we changed it up as we've never been to Spitalfields.

The old Truman's Brewery takes up blocks and is now home to pubs, restaurants, vintage stores and artists studios.

These guys had some great vintage globes, as well as an 1800's globe in a clear box.

I loved these metal bistro chairs and matching table, all from the 1950's.

Right after I took this shot, the storekeep warned me to not take photos of his stuff, lol.

Cool trapdoor in the floor of a shop.

The market was a mix of mostly vintage clothing, a little antiques, a little flea, and a little farmer's market.  All in all a good outing.

Riley eyeing up which pie she wants for lunch.

I adore old Factory lighting!  Wish I could afford it!

We finished up the day by going to Kensington Gardens and letting La Petite Fille run around with the rest of the kids, finally getting a respite from the cold.  It's been a harsh March in the UK, with an estimated 5000 deaths due to the cold snap they experienced. We were glad Riley got to see some sun and mingle with the other children.  The park was swarmed and there was a wait to get into the Princess Diana Memorial Park with it's Peter Pan theme. 

Kensington Swans


Last tube ride, with the exception of heading to the airport tomorrow!

Even with the cold, all three of us a had a great time, saw some great sights (& sites), and can't wait to get back again someday.

Adios London!  See you again soon!

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