Friday, January 18, 2013

Setting up @ January '13 The Stylish Patina Barn Sale

For the past 5 months I have been participating in an AWESOME Barn Sale in Frederick MD.  The barn is located on a working horse farm and the owner's couldn't be nicer.  We're open the 3rd weekend of the month (usually) from 10am-5pm.  Swing by and check out our offerings!

The outside of our barn.  I think I need to get a bigger trailer!!
In warmer weather, it's a great place to bring a blanket and picnic under the Silo and next to the Chicken Coop. There's plenty of room for the kids to run around as well as some family friendly farm animals.

Old Silo next to The Barn.

A couple dozen horses roam the fields surrounding the barn.  Our daughter loved the white one!

Several beautiful horses on the Farm as well as chickens, dogs and a donkey.

I still have some vintage skis left over from the December Sale. This is an early 1900's pair from Germany with matching Bamboo poles. 

Vintage Skis, love the old bindings!

I have a thing for Vintage Silverplate serving pieces.  They are super affordable, and they match any decor.  I prefer them tarnished with the original aged patina.  I picked up some really nice footed trays, which I especially love.

I woke up, and suddenly I was surrounded by a TON of vintage Silverplate.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a thing for cabinets with drawers. I recently picked up this Clark's Spool Thread cabinet in original condition.  Rarely do you find them unfinished without new decals and polished hardware.  I prefer the natural dark patina from the aged oak case and the faded lettering.  The back has the Clark's logo.  Sure, it has it's dings and scrapes, but that's what makes it perfect in my book.  Would make a great cabinet for paper and craft supplies or line the drawers and use it in your dining room filled with vintage flatware!

Clark's Spool Thread Cabinet in original, un touched condition!

Every month I intend on removing everything from my space and starting fresh.  Yet, every month, I never have enough time to get out to the barn to make the changes I want (it's over an hour from our home).  So I inevitably move a few items around, then move around a few more.  Then move it back, then move it around some more...  You get the picture.  I then cram as much in as I possibly can, take a step back and marvel that it all fit.  It's not as curated as many of the other spaces in The Barn, and I tend to sell more smalls than larger furniture pieces.  The items I pick for the Barn tend to be pieces that I feel blend well with the multitude of styles the ladies plan for their spaces.  Being the only male vendor, my space does tend to have more wood and metal and not many painted and colorful items.  I really like the look of painted furniture, and we're planning on painting a couple pieces ourselves, if we ever get to it.

My space sure is STUFFED!!

I'm a fan of old tools as well.  They add a little natural element with their wood handles and aged iron hardware.  Here, I paired these 1920's wrenches with a 1920's Sear's Catalog opened to the car parts section. Note the engraved moustache mug in the background!

Detail of the items on top of the Jeweler's desk.  

Love small items that you can make your own vignette's with.  Couple this Developer timer with some vintage cameras and photo equipment.

Loved this very cool Kodak Developer Timer.

The humpback trunk these frames and mirrors are sitting in was refinished.  Normally, I don't refinish pieces (I might make some repairs using vintage hardware) but this one was so far gone, and I needed something to put my vintage mirrors and frames into.  I love the detail on vintage mirrors and frames. Painted with some Annie Sloan and lightly distressed to bring out the details of the plaster makes them perfect!

You can never go wrong with old picture frames and Antique Mirrors.

This gorgeous Jeweler's Bench has tons of storage for all of your brushes, pens, papers, scrapbooking materials, and of course bills.  It is finished on all 3 sides so it doesn't need to be pushed up against a wall to cover the ugly back!  My vintage shop stool fits perfectly underneath! 

I picked this AMAZING Jeweler's Desk. Tons of drawers, the shop stool fits perfectly. I put on a new top as the old one was completely shot.  

I picked this old coal stove out of a home that was being demolished.  It had sat unused for years.  Looks great with a light inside to light up the mica front or you can fill it with coal and use it to heat your space.

Very quaint old Coal Parlor Stove

Picked a couple of Vintage Ticking Fabric Pillows (as well as yards and yards of ticking for someone to make more pillows or upholster some chairs)  I love the look of the tight knit fabric and the faded blue stripes!

This chair is my favorite, metal and wood school chair, it weighs around 30lbs. I also picked a few vintage ticking pillows.


  1. awesome awesome stuff as always!
    why oh why can't i a) find such cool stuff or b) have an unlimited bank account so i can buy all of yours. ;)

  2. Hi, I've been looking for a jeweler work desk and I came across your blog. I really love your jeweler's desk above. Do you still have it?? I know this post is a year old but hope you have it. Please let me know to discuss the price and delivery/ pick up method:) I am in New York.


    (310) 953-7423